Hi, I’m Martin Borch Jensen

I don’t know whether an unexamined life is worth living, but I definitely prefer the examined life. After all, what is the purpose of a mind if not to constantly learn and reshape itself into an enhanced form? I probably couldn’t stop looking for patterns and root causes in everything around me, even if I wanted to.

“There are things behind the light” is a phrase I use to remind myself that no situation is ever accurately represented by what we see. Our senses give us impressions of the world, but what we register has already been subconsciously filtered by our assumptions and frame of reference. And it was only some reflected photons to begin with.

Simply put, our senses give us data for the mind to analyze. Everything we experience can be analyzed, and if we don’t do so we’re not experiencing the situation fully. Taking in life without understanding it is like looking at the pictures of a book you can’t read: it might look pretty cool, but you’ll have hardly any idea what’s going on.

I made this blog because the task is not a solitary one. Sharing thoughts with other people is a great boon, be they long-dead authors or fleshier friends. With any luck I’ll manage to say something that someone finds useful, and if nothing else it’ll help me structure my thoughts.

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